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Project Management Process
Understanding the five main project management process groups.

Building a Project Team
Building a cohesive team that understand their roles.


Project Management Software

A simple and effective Project Management System designed to enable project communications and increase overall efficiency.

This Project Management System has effectively allowed companies to out-source, collaborate on projects, share files, work from home or different locations. It adds accountability and a method of archiving all the steps chronologically that are involved in the project process. It allows delegation of tasks to specific resources (users) within the system and tracks the time spent on those tasks. The system automatically sends an e-mail to any user(s) that are assigned to the task any time the task log is updated. A simple click of the link in the e-mail brings the user right to the task it was sent from.

The Project Management Software System is well integrated with the other solution incorporated. (I.e. File sharing, Project Calendar, User Forums and trouble tickets as well.

Simply by clicking the "Projects" Icon on the left navigation panel, you will be presented with the screen shown below. It lists all of the Projects that you have ongoing within your company or others that you set up on the system. You can look at everyone's projects or just your own with a simple click of the "Company" drop down or by clicking "My info" at the top of the screen.

The projects can all be categorized and viewed by clicking appropriate tabs. The tabs are customizable to best suit your business.

Project Management

By clicking on Project Link of your choice above you may view the Project Details pictured below.

  • View the Tasks, Forums, Files or Gantt Charts by clicking the tabs at the bottom.
  • Edit the project by clicking the "Edit this Project"
  • Add a new Project Task by clicking the "New Task" button

The system allows you to set target dates, budgets and hours. It keeps track of the actual time spend on each task and allows for cost coding if necessary.

Project Management

By clicking on a task above you will be presented with the screen below.

The screen below is where a user that has accomplished something with regards to this task would enter that information as a log entry. He then could adjust the percentage of completion if necessary. All users that have been selected as resources on this project would be automatically notified by e-mail of the update.

Project Management

There is quite a bit more to the project system. Please take the time to experiment with our demo or better yet give let us set you up on a 30 day free trial.

The Project Management Area of the Program and all of these other Business solutions are integrated to allow you to do business in one place and manage more effectively. Installation is included in the setup as well as your own custom domain

Example: yourcompany.smoothprojects.com

All of this for one low monthly price!



"Now that we've used Smooth Projects, I can't imagine managing projects without it!

Nothing slips through the cracks any longer. It also has allowed us to share project files and ideas in an organized and simple manner."

Cheryl K.
Chief of Organizational Development
Real Estate Investment Bank
Newport Beach, CA

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