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Getting the Idea Across: Project Communication Management

Managing time and costs of a project are two very important duties of any project manager. Often, the team leader has project management software to help him or her effectively control these elements of the project. Additionally, it is easy to track time and cost. But another important aspect of project management is communications. Without effective communication, the project falls to pieces. Communication is essential between team members, with contractors and vendors, and with the project manager’s supervisors. These three important groups of players affect the overall effectiveness of the project. It is the job of the project manager to make sure that everyone who needs information receives it in a timely manner.

Communication between group members. Successful project management depends upon an open communication environment amongst the project’s team members. This does not mean an open environment where people can publicly voice problems with other members. What an open environment in this sense means is that members should feel comfortable asking questions as needed, and that the project manager openly and clearly lets each member know what is expected of her or him.

Additionally, it implies team members who need to privately mediate any problems they might have with each other can approach the project manager for help. The team leader should set an example to the team members of abstaining from gossip and back biting and behaving in a professional manner. He or she should also set the example of giving clear directions and praising a job well done. When team members know what they must do, and receive praise for accomplishing it in a timely manner, they are more satisfied and able to better complete assigned tasks.

Communication with contractors and vendors. If your project requires that you find contractors or vendors outside your company, open and clear communication is vital to the proper accomplishment of your project objectives. Contractors and vendors need to know what you expect, as well as when you expect it. The project manager should try to be as explicit as possible when explaining her or his needs. Additionally, the project manager should encourage contractors and vendors to ask questions as they arise, and be available for consultation if necessary. A written contract is very important when dealing with project contributors outside the company. It should be thoroughly discussed so that all parties involved understand the terms.

Communication with supervisors. The project manager is responsible for keeping his or her superiors apprised of what is happening. Not every project requires constant updating to a boss, but a project manager should be prepared with weekly or biweekly briefings so that her or his supervisors can see the progress, and know that you have everything well in hand. While project management software may not necessarily help you communicate, the information you can receive from it can help you present your progress. There is no need for a lengthy discourse; a simple statement of which phase you are at and whether not you are on schedule and within budget will suffice.

By keeping everyone who needs information in the loop, the project manager can more effectively order operations, and keep her or his superiors satisfied.

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